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Western Washington Tree Service is partnered with All Aspects Tree Service. All Aspects Tree Service has been in the tree industry for 20+ years. They are a family owned business. Eddie the owner of All Aspects Tree Service is a hands-on guy who always ensures that every job is done well and promptly. AATS specializes in tree service, tree care, lot clearing, seasonal pruning, technical removals, 24-hour emergency service and much more! Visit their website at or call them now at (425)891-6536 for tree service today!


Tree Removal

The choice to remove a tree should not be taken lightly.
Our tree removal services have one overarching goal, to keep your trees healthy and your property safe. Our tree removal services are carried out by professionals in a safe manner.

Keep in mind that, while we do offer tree removal as an option, alternative therapies, such as frequent pruning, will also be discussed.


Trimming & Pruning

Without regular pruning and trimming, the big and beautiful trees found in the deep forests outside of Washington thrive. True wild trees require only Mother Nature's assistance to remain healthy for decades, if not millennia.

In Washington, however, your yard's trees require a little more attention. To reduce risk, even healthy trees must be trimmed and pruned from time to time. With our assistance, your tree investment will result in trees that are:

• More aesthetically pleasant and beautiful
• Free of safety risks like as dead or decaying branches
• Healthier and less likely to be damaged by illness or insect infestation
• More able to withstand high winds and storms
• For added peace of mind, keep your roof and neighboring power and data lines free.
• Less likely to require removal in the future


Stump grinding


Emergency Removal

Stump grinding is an excellent approach to get rid of tree stumps in your yard while causing the least amount of disruption. The visible section of the tree is removed during this treatment, while the roots remain underground. Homeowners can choose how much of the stump is left above ground, ranging from 1 inch to as much as 12 inches.

The stump from the tree is crushed down by stump grinding, as well as any weeds or mold that may have sprouted nearby. This procedure also aids in the eradication of pests and insects that may be drawn to the stump. When stump grinding is done, you can also expect your yard to be a safer area to enjoy. There will be no risk of bodily injury, as well as damage to lawnmowers and other tools.

Anytime you're concerned about your trees, we believe it's a good idea to contact us about our emergency tree care. We've aided people in a wide range of situations, including:

• You're anxious about falling branches due to high winds, snow, or ice storms.
• A tree is swaying dangerously – possibly over your house or automobile, or across your property line.
• Water is gathering around the roots of a tree and not draining
• A tree is displaying signs of rot, fungus, or insect infestation
• Branches have fallen to the ground that are dead. You're concerned that a tree's root system is causing cracks in your foundation. A large tree has fallen or is leaning on another tree on your property.


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